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Become a Midi Credit Fund Member

Experience a refreshing approach to banking — Midi Credit Fund banking puts you first. Because we’re a not-for-profit financial bank, we can offer convenient financial products and services — all with better rates, and often with lower fees, or no fees at all!

Membership Benefits

  • Member Rewards: Members receive Earn Your Return bonus dividends, plus Community Rewards® cash back.

  • Banking on Your Time: Banking services on your time, with convenient options: Mobile and Internet Banking, branches, and text and phone banking.

  • Account Access Made Easy: A network of 30,000+ ATMs, plus Shared Branching, makes accessing your account simple.

Member Services

  • Services That Meet Your Unique Needs: Midi offers competitive rates on great services like Midi Visa® credit cards, auto loans, and personal loans.

  • Exploring Homeownership: Mortgages and Home Equity Services are made easy and the process will be handled locally from beginning to end.

  • Investment Services: Investment planning for long-term planning and retirement solutions.

Ready to Open an Account?

Since 1995, we’ve grown from serving primarily educators to being the financial bank of choice for more than 600 businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions across the South West Region. Becoming a member at Midi Credit Fund is easy!

What do I need to apply?

  • Original National ID Card
  • Real Unexpired passport
  • Any Utilities bills

You can either open,

  1. Checking account
  2. Saving account
  3. As a member of Midi Credit Fund, you have access to a full menu of mobile banking services. Complete your banking tasks on-the-go accessible from any device.
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