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House Rental Agreement Format in English Word

House Rental Agreement Format in English Word

A house rental agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a rental agreement between a landlord and tenant. It is important to have a written agreement in order to avoid any misunderstandings and to protect both parties involved. The following is a sample house rental agreement format in English that can be used as a reference.

Title: House Rental Agreement

Parties Involved: This rental agreement is made between the landlord and tenant. The landlord is the owner of the property, and the tenant is the person who rents the property.

Property Description: The rental property is described below:

Address: _________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State: _____________________

Zip Code: ________________

Term: The term of this rental agreement begins on _________________ and ends on _________________.

Rent: The monthly rent for this rental property is _______________________.

Security Deposit: A security deposit of _______________________ shall be paid by the tenant before moving in. This deposit will be refunded to the tenant at the end of the tenancy period, provided that no damage has been done to the property.

Utilities and Services: The tenant shall be responsible for paying all utilities and services, including but not limited to electricity, gas, water, cable, internet, and telephone.

Maintenance and Repairs: The landlord shall be responsible for maintaining the rental property in good condition. The tenant shall promptly inform the landlord of any repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Use of the Property: The tenant shall use the rental property solely for residential purposes and shall not use the property for any illegal or commercial activities.

Subletting: The tenant shall not sublet the rental property or allow any other person to occupy the property without the written consent of the landlord.

Pets: Pets are only allowed on the property with the written consent of the landlord.

Termination: Either party may terminate this rental agreement by giving a notice of _____________________ days before the end of the tenancy period.

Governing Law: This rental agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of _________________.

Signature: Both the landlord and tenant shall sign this rental agreement.

In conclusion, a house rental agreement is a crucial document that ensures that both the landlord and tenant are protected during the tenancy period. The above format can be adapted to suit the specific needs and requirements of any rental agreement. Remember to review the agreement carefully before signing to ensure that all terms and conditions are agreeable.

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